The Dark Night of the Soul What Changes Would Be Needed from the Point of View of a Student? the Following Research Paper Has the Objective of Defining Some Necessary Changes That Could Help to Improve English

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, High school, English studies Pages: 9 (3193 words) Published: September 28, 2012

What changes would be needed from the point of view of a student?

The following research paper has the objective of defining some necessary changes that could help to improve English instruction in high schools and colleges since Miller clearly states that there is a problem of appreciation of reading and writing in English at these academic institutions.

In first place, the proposal from a student perspective would be to identify the key importance of reading and writing in English so at to motivate students to clearly embrace these subjects with an adequate level of interest. If academic institutions had found the way of doing the above-mentioned before, many high schools and colleges across America would definitely have reduced their levels of drop outs. Basically, the best way of summing up this part of the proposal is how to market English courses in order to attract students’ interests.

On the other hand, Richard Miller mentions several times in his book from pages 420 to 446 that technology has taken over reading and writing and that the quality of appreciating different points of view from different cultures will be gone if nothing is done to change that fact. It is necessary to mention, from a student point of view, that despite the fact that Miller is completely right in that sense, it does not mean that reading an e-book is not the same as reading a physical book. Miller seems to forget that entire compendiums of literary knowledge can be preserved from a USB with minimal memory in Giga Bytes all the way to a tablet’s memory chip or even on the Internet. The second part of this proposal is to defend reading and writing technologies that are eco-friendly and do not require cutting down vast forests to create one book that will be useful to help a student in an English class to understand the point of view of another culture or even a different time.

The third part of the proposal is to put students, teaching staff, and administrative staff together for handling potential levels of indiscipline in classroom environments, especially if psychotic students, like the ones mentioned by Miller in the Columbine High School Massacre, were to exist. It is also necessary to mention that Miller seemed to forget that other factors like school bullying of any kind and classroom disrupters (the clown of the class, the student with personality problems due to divorced parents or bad neighborhood environments –for example, the students with Attention Deficit Disorder, students with low I.Q. levels that disrupt classes to escape facing intellectual challenges, etc.) also have a share of making English courses lose any kind of appeal to students who could surely be interested in them. This last part of the proposal addresses, from a student point of view, the need to make classroom environments a better environment at a human level without the need of having disturbing people in it; the same kind of people that chase out potential learners and all hope of learning as well.

I.Identifying the key importance of reading and writing in English so at to motivate students to clearly embrace these subjects with an adequate level of interest.

Miller states clearly throughout his book that the need for reading and writing in English has lost its relevance. This perspective is shared by researcher Mposani 1 in his blog article The Dark Night of the Soul-Richard Miller (, the researcher states that “the author of the passage (Miller) persuades students and young mature adults, of eighteen years of age, the importance to preserve the enjoyment of reading and writing since, throughout history, it has become an unimportant necessity to do so.”

Given the above-mentioned state of reading and writing in English, it would be prudent to ask first why people prefer not to dedicate time to reading and writing in English....
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